March 11, 2019

My Favorite Stores + Boutiques for Senior Outfits!

Senior girlies, this blog is just for you!!

Today, I’m sharing all of my favorite stores and boutiques with you! When my mom and I planned our senior portrait outfit shopping date, we had no idea where to start. We walked around a big mall and tried on lots & lots of clothes, but shopping with my mom all day for the perfect outfits was SO much fun! I 100% recommend grabbing your mom (and maybe some gal pals), getting dressed up, and going on a shopping date. Shopping is always more fun with your favorite ladies around you, right?!

Boutiques are my favorite so you’ll find a few of my favorites listed here, but I always love a good trip to Old Navy for the cute basics! Here are my favorite places (and holders of a lot of my money from past purchases!) I hope this little list gives you somewhere to start while you begin your hunt for the perfect outfits! P.S. if you’re an online-only shopper, just click on the store/boutique, and you can shop right from your phone (or laptop)!

Pink Lily Boutique 


Dry Goods

American Eagle

Old Navy



Apricot Lane



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