March 28, 2019

Tips for your Engagement Session!

Oh, how I just adore engagement sessions! Each of my wedding collections includes a complimentary engagement session which I believe is so so important. This is sometimes the very first time meeting my sweet couples in person (if we have only chatted over FaceTime and couldn’t meet for a coffee date ๐Ÿ™‚ ), plus this is almost 2 hours of time that serves as “practice” for the real, wedding day portraits!

Most of the time, for engaged couples, you haven’t ever taken professional photos together. Every couple feels a little awkward for the first minutes of their session-that is SO normal! I mean, it’s not every day you’re all dolled up and taking photos in a public place- except maybe for high school dances! ๐Ÿ™‚ After the first 20 minutes of shooting, laughing, and cuddling with your fiance (and probably me showing you a couple adorable images on the back of my camera),ย the awkward nerves go away and the fun really kicks in! One of my most favorite things was when a future groom told me his cheeks hurt from laughing so much the past 1.5 hours, while we were walking back to our cars!

Even though I send each and every one of my couples an engagement session planning guide before their sessions, I wanted to share some of my fun tips + tricks here today!

Outfit Planning:

Planning the perfect outfits for your engagement session is WAY harder than it looks! I always tell my brides to start with their outfits and coordinate their guy’s outfit afterwards. Sarah and Phil’s outfit below was a perfect example of how to coordinate and not match colors ๐Ÿ™‚ If they would have matched and both wore white tops and dark jeans, the photo wouldn’t be as colorful and interesting! Personally with my couples, I recommend choosing 2-4 different outfits that vary with formalness (is that a word..?!). Their first outfits are normally “fancier”, like a long flow-y dress and a white button down + khakis, and the following outfits are more casual, like jeans and a nice “date night” top. I love when brides send me a quick photo of what outfits they’re planning to get my opinion! Usually, they have the perfect outfits in mind!!



Hair + Makeup Tips:

Girls, I always always recommend getting your hair and makeup professionally done before your engagement session. Professional hair and makeup artists know exactly how to make you look your best, and give you that extra confidence boost during your engagement session. I always say, this is the perfect time to schedule your wedding makeup trial for! ๐Ÿ™‚

My very last tip is: if you’re thinking about bringing your fur baby, do it!! I just LOVE when couples include their dogs, and the cutest photos always come out of it. If you do decide to include him or her, I 100% suggest having a parent, sibling, or friend come along to your session to either take your dog back home or take them for a walk after we get the photos we need! Having your dog there for the whole session would be crazy-just thinking about trying to get my pup, Ginny to behave outside for a full 1.5 hours gives me a headache!


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