July 21, 2019

Our Engagement Story! Elle Taylor Photography

Oh my goodness, on July 7th Ashton and I got ENGAGED! After helping so many brides and grooms plan their wedding days, I finally get to plan my own with my very favorite guy.

That day didn’t start off the very best-I was with one of my sweet seniors and her mom as she got her hair + makeup done before her session, and my car battery DIED! I was freaking out *a little bit* and immediately called Ashton to tell me what I should do (I had to get to Herscher to begin this senior session after her hair + makeup were done). Ash and his dad dropped what they were doing to come help me with my car, so it all ended up perfectly fine. I was just a ball of stress for a few minutes there 🙂

After I finished the most gorgeous senior session that night, I thought that my brother and Ashton’s sister were coming to pick me up (yes, they’re dating too & that’s a story for a different time). When they showed up to take me home, I was surprised to see that my other brother and his girlfriend had also come along to pick me up, and I made a comment like “Oh you should have brought Ashton with too”, followed by various excuses from everyone in the car. I definitely should have known something was up, lol! On the drive home, I noticed Ashton’s sister, Hadleigh, completely turning her phone away from me as she was texting. At the time I was thinking that was strange and I wondered who she was texting so secretly. Again, I should have known something was up! THEN Ashton told me he was going to sleep at 9pm, which was slightly irritating since I was on my way to his house to see him, but again, I believed him and thought nothing of it. When we finally got back to Ashton’s house, my brother turns off of the driveway and starts driving THROUGH THE YARD. Me, being tired at this point & with a dead phone, asked him what the heck he was doing which was followed by Hadleigh saying “Oh David and Dana haven’t seen the pond, so we have to show them”. At this point I thought these kids were insane as we were driving to see the pond in the dark. Quickly after that, I saw lights roped around the dock and Ashton standing there with flowers around him in the shape of a heart.

I’m pretty sure it took at least 30 seconds to get out of the car because I was trying to process what was happening. I finally got out (apparently without my shoes on for some reason??) and was shaking from shock/excitement!! Not gonna lie, I don’t remember most of what he said, but I know it was the sweetest thing ever!! ps I’m absolutely obsessed with this ring, and I can’t stop taking pictures of it. If you follow me on social media, I’m sorry, but you may never stop seeing pictures.

BEST. DAY. EVER. (until our wedding day of course ☺️)

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