October 20, 2019

Milton Lee Olive Park Proposal Photographer | Eileen + Duy

I told ya, there are so many proposals around here recently!!

Last Friday, I waited for Duy to propose to Eileen in front of the beautiful skyline at Milton Lee Olive Park. I had just recently photographed another proposal in this location, so I knew all of the good hiding spots, haha!

Duy found me through Instagram, and I loved how much thought he put into the details of their proposal. He custom made the ring, and it was sooo beautiful!

Moments before Duy and Eileen walked up to the spot he planned to propose, a GIANT group of people on a bicycle tour pulled up and parked/sat on their bikes for 20+ minutes.

When they finally moved their bikes, I got to photograph their sweet proposal. So so excited for these two!

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