October 22, 2019

Loose Bouquets vs. Tight Bouquets (and which photographs better)

Oh goodness, I just LOVE wedding bouquets!! I often get questions from future brides about what kind of bouquets photograph the best and which colors/flowers I prefer. To be honest, I love all wedding bouquets, BUT loose bouquets (usually filled with big garden roses and a lot of greenery)!!

The difference in “loose” bouquets and “tight” bouquets is really just how close the individual photos are and how much greenery/extra pieces there are to separate the bouquet. For example, the photos below are more “loose” bouquets that I absolutely love!! I also attached a Pinterest inspiration board at the very end 🙂

Credit: Hearts and Flowers Florist

Bouquet Inspiration: https://www.pinterest.com/elletaylorphoto/floral-inspiration-wedding-bridal-bouquets/

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