March 25, 2020

Sample 8 hour wedding timeline: Free Resource for Brides

Winter Wedding photos at Perry Farm Park

Planning a wedding can be crazy overwhelming, especially when you’ve never done it before 😉Today I’m sharing a sample version of an 8 hour wedding photography timeline! I always help my brides when planning their timelines, but how amazing would it be to have an idea of what the timeline will look like?!

The #1 tip I have for brides starting to plan their timelines is to always, always, always have “buffer” time. Absolutely do not plan everything to the minute. Events get behind schedule, you can’t get that dang dress buttoned fast enough, or the ceremony is taking way longer than expected-whatever it is, wedding days are always a bit off schedule, and leaving buffer time takes the timeline stress right out of your mind! 🙂


11:30am-Elle Arrives at Bride & girls (begins photographing all the pretty details: your rings, your invitation suite, your dress hanging, etc.)

12:15pm-Bride + Bridesmaid matching robe photos (always soooo cute!)

12:30pm-Bride into dress (it’s all getting real, girl)

12:40pm: Bride mini first look with her bridesmaids (the time when your bridesmaids are literally screaming and crying in excitement)

12:50pm-Bride first look with dad (& then we all start crying. the SWEETEST of moments)

1:15pm-Bride + Groom First Look (the most special, private moment of the whole day)

1:15pm-Bride + Groom Portraits (my FAVORITE)

1:45pm-Bridal Party Portraits (getting these portraits done before the ceremony is so great! Trying to wrangle the bridal party after the ceremony can be super tricky)

2:30pm-Elle photographs the ceremony details (Bride & Groom + wedding party relaxes for a bit before the ceremony)

3pm-Ceremony Begins!!!

4pm-Family Formals begin (immediately following ceremony)

4:30pm-Bride and Groom just married portraits! (you both have wedding rings now!!! The fresh glow of a newly married couple is the best-these are always a favorite of mine!)

5pm-Cocktail hour continues & Elle photographs empty reception details

5:25pm-Bridal Party Prepares for Grand Entrance

5:30pm-Grand Entrances into Reception

5:30pm-cake cutting


5:50pm-Toasts and speeches

6:30pm-First Dances (bride and groom dance, mother-son dance, daddy-daughter dance)

7pm-Open Dance Floor

7:15pm-Bouquet + Garter toss

7:30pm-Photographer Coverage Ends

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