January 21, 2021

Top 3 Best Chicago Engagement Photo Locations | Elle Taylor Photography

I get asked so often about my favorite Chicago engagement photo locations, so I’m taking today to share all of my secret spots! Chicago is truly one of my favorite places to go for engagement and wedding photos because it can give off so many elegant vibes (if you choose the right locations)! 🙂

  1. North Avenue Beach

North Avenue Beach is hands down the BEST view of the Chicago Skyline, and the engagement photos I take there are always some of my favorites. I love, love, love the variety you can get from this location with the beach look and the classy, skyline look! The best part about this location? It’s SO easy to get to, and the sunset lighting is to die for.

2. Wrigley Building

The Wrigley Building is one of my favorite downtown Chicago engagement photo locations (and wedding photo locations too!). This location is so classy and gives off the most elegant city vibes. This is a 1000% favorite location for wedding parties and classic, timeless wedding photos.

Chicago Riverwalk Engagement Photos

3. Lincoln Park Boardwalk

The Lincoln Park Boardwalk is the perfect mixture of nature locations and skyline locations. Here, you can get a gorgeous view of the Chicago skyline while still having a mixture of nature/greenery/water, etc. This location is also within walking distance of North Avenue Beach, so we have the ability to go to both locations for a lot of variety!

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